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V & L
Heating / Cooling Inc.

About Us

Who We Are


V & L Heating/ Cooling is a family owned business. It was founded by Vic Frankiewicz in 1984. We have been in business for over 30+ years! Vic attended Washburne Trade School in Chicago, Illinois. He Worked in the City of Chicago at Corner Heating for a few years, and then decided to buy the building and the business from the owners. After running a successful business he decided to open up another business in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. That is how V & L Heating/Cooling got started.

What We Do


 V & L Heating/Cooling focuses on the repair and maintenance of steam  boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, space heaters, and even ductwork  fabrication. We Specialize in radiant heat and new home installations   V  & L Heating/Cooling does both Residential and Commericial work of  the best quality for the most affordable pricing. We work with both  Contractors and Homeowners to do our jobs the right way for our  customers. 

It's About Our Customers


 Your experience is whats most important to us! For 30+ years we have  proudly serviced our customers and helped them with any hvac problems  they have had. At V & L Heating/Cooling we put our focus on giving  you the best service at the best price possible. After being open so  many years our business continues expanding but one thing that always  stays the same is the importance of each and every individuals  experience here at V & L Heating/Cooling.